Eads/River Bottoms Presentation Materials, Sept. 20, 2018

Southwind/Windyke Presentation Materials, Sept. 20, 2018
South Cordova Presentation Materials, Jan. 29, 2019

The following materials are related to the Strategic Footprint Review Task Force Committee formed in 2016 to look at the City's footprint.
Ordinance 4292 related to Sewers and Sewer Disposal of Annexed Areas
Map of the Gray's Creek sewer lines and extensions proposed in 2012
MTAS De-annexation Presentation, August 22, 2016 This presentation outlines various states' approaches to citizen-led de-annexations.

Presentation materials, August 11, 2016 - Strategic Footprint Review Task Force
Presentation materials, August 25, 2016 - Strategic Footprint Review Task Force
Presentation materials, October 13, 2016 - Strategic Footprint Review Task Force
Presentation materials, February 2, 2017 - Strategic Footprint Review Task Force

PFM's financial analysis of de-annexation, January 2017
De-annexation survey results presentation, March 23, 2017
De-annexation survey results (data set by area)

Shelby County Growth Plan

Annexations since 1998

Maps of Annexed Areas
Note: some of the maps and other materials on this page were drafted by the Office of Planning and Development; others were drafted by the Mapping Bureau of the City of Memphis Engineering Division.

Acreage, Population and Ordinance Numbers of Annexations

(an estimated 4700 and 3500 residents were involved in the recent South Cordova and Southwind/Windyke B annexations, respectively, based on the number of residential parcels multiplied by the average US household size, 2.54 people)

Annexation Reserve Areas

Report: Petition for Annexation Project
2005 Report conducted by the City of Memphis Engineering Division on the fiscal impact of several potential commercial annexations.

Shelby County Municipalities over the Years
Click here to view a series of maps that demonstrate corporate boundaries of Shelby County municipalities over the years. 

  • 1897. This map shows the recently incorporated towns of Manila, Madison Heights, Idlewild, Lenox and Binghamton. These towns were eventually annexed into the City of Memphis. Detailed maps of the boundaries of these five towns may be downloaded here: Binghamton, Idlewild, Lenox, Madison Heights and Manila.
  • 1960. This map predates the rather extensive annexations made by the City of Memphis in the 1960s, as well as any significant expansions of the suburban jurisdictions that were also to occur in the following decades.
  • 1990. In an effort to prevent a merger of the Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools that had been proposed in 1990, some pursued the formation of a new county to be named Neshoba. This county was never legally formed.
  • 1995. The Cities of Memphis, Millington, Bartlett, Arlington, Germantown and Collierville had annexation agreements with one another prior to the passage of Public Chapter 1101 (see below). This map reflects the scenario under which all of the reserve areas were annexed to their respective municipalities.
  • 1997. This map reflects the incorporation of all municipalities that were in some various stage of incorporating under the newly enacted "Tiny Town Law" of 1997 (Public Chapter 98).
  • 2015. The Tiny Town Law was ruled unconstitutional by the Tennessee Supreme Court, so the municipalities reflected in the 1997 map were not legally formed. Instead, the Tennessee General Assembly passed Chapter 1101 in 2000. In 2014, the General Assembly changed the annexation laws of the state requiring annexation by referendum. This map reflects the jurisdictional boundaries of the Shelby County municipalities after these two events.

Report from 1967
Annexation: A Must for a Growing Memphis
This was a report written by the staff of the Memphis and Shelby County Planning Commission in 1967. It is posted on this website as historic reference material. Click on the following links below to download specific sections of the report:

Plans of Services for Individual Annexations
Annexations by the City of Memphis

Annexations by the Town of Collierville