Responsibilities & Services

Here's a look at the work done by DPD and its departments.

Public Policy

DPD deals with public policy issues that include residential, commercial, and industrial land use development standards; transportation and service delivery; and capital improvements.

Research and Analysis

Work performed by DPD involves the collection and evaluation of data, research and analysis of options and alternatives, and the selection and implementation of projects and programs.

Civic Recommendations

DPD also makes recommendations and suggestions to the Memphis City Council and Shelby County Board of Commissioners, citizen advisory groups, and other agencies on comprehensive land use policies and plans, zoning recommendations, special permits, hazard mitigation, and subdivision regulations.

Permits and Codes

The division is directly responsible for the administration of the Unified Development Code (Zoning and Subdivision Regulations). DPD also is responsible for ensuring that building construction conforms to State mandated safety standards.

Strategic Assistance

The division provides assistance to other city and county departments to aid in developing service delivery strategies and needs assessments for future plans. These include transportation plans, solid waste plans, commuter services programs, and geographical information system management. Community development grants, housing programs, and water quality initiatives are also administered.



Each department within DPD plays a vital role in our overall work. Visit each department's page to learn more about their area of focus.

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Construction Enforcement

Building and trades plan review, permitting, and inspections

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Land Use and Development Services

Zoning, subdivisions, site plan review, and historic preservation

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Department of Housing

Down payment assistance, housing rehabilitation, and fair housing

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Sustainability and Resilience

Energy efficiency, sustainability, and disaster resilience

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Regional Transportation Planning (MPO)

Transportation policy development, planning, and programming

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Comprehensive Planning

Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan, small area planning, systems planning