The Develop901 Project Locator can be used to view details on development activity throughout Shelby County. The status of building permits and planning & zoning approvals can be found by selecting a point on the map. Records are displayed up to 6 months after closure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Land Use and Zoning Application, if applicable

The first step in the development process for some projects is verification of zoning for the project location and submission of applications for land use entitlements, if a project is not permitted by right. Our Land Use and Development Services Office processes applications for zoning changes and land use entitlements. You can reach the zoning for a project location using our Zoning Atlas


You may also choose to request a Zoning Letter, a formal document that provides historical information and outlines what uses are allowed at a location. You can use the Develop901 Citizen Portal to request a Zoning Letter. Select 'Planning & Zoning Applications'.


Once a formal application is submitted, the staff review process begins. This includes reviewing the application for completeness, collecting any fees, and distributing the application to the Technical Review Committee (TRC). The TRC is comprised of staff from various departments in the County and other agencies.


Additionally, a public information meeting is held to share information about the proposed project and to provide the opportunity for community members to ask questions. The planner assigned to your project will organize and provide notice of the meeting.

Step 2: Review by Boards and Commissions, if applicable

When all Technical Review Team comments are resolved, Town staff will work with the applicant to schedule a hearing by the appropriate boards and commissions. Development review boards include:


Land Use Control Board

Board of Adjustment

Memphis Landmarks Commission


Each board or commission will make recommendations and may include proposed conditions for consideration by the City Council or County Commission.

Step 3: Building Permits

If land use entitlements are required and approved, projects can move on to apply for Building Permits to get the construction plans for the project approved. An application, zoning verification, plan review, and inspections are required as a part of the permitting and occupancy process.  

Step 4: Inspections

Inspections are required for all Building permits. This is the final phase in the building process.