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On some occasions, inspectors are unable to close permits despite all of the permitted work having passed inspection; this can be due to a missing suite number or an incorrect address listed on the permit application. This is especially a problem when there are multiple permits pulled by multiple contractors at the same address, also causing issues for Inspectors when attempting to sign off on Certificates of Occupancy.

To avoid errors and any amendments to correct errors, verify the address before pulling any permit. It is recommended to check with the general contractor and MLGW to verify if the address you have is correct before pulling the permit. This is especially necessary for large construction jobs where there may be concurrent inspections, especially on large jobs with multiple contractors with multiple permits. The inspection process may be delayed if  an inspector must research an address or find and check for amendments.  Verifying the address beforehand is a major method of avoiding possible inspection delays.

To ensure that there are no delays in closing out permits, be proactive in verifying the correct address for the site of inspection before pulling any permit. Below are suggested steps for contractors.

  • Verify the address with MLGW to include suite numbers if it is assigned to the address;
  • Verify the address with the General Contractor to ensure the address and suite number  match the address that MLGW has for the site;
  • Verify that the Certificate of Occupancy card onsite has the correct address and suite number posted on the job for signature.

These steps will help cut down on any delays that are caused by incorrect or incomplete addresses at the final inspection.