Leading by Example
The Green Center and Office of Sustainability
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Completed 6.1.1

Form the Office of Sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability was formed in April of 2011 and is located in the Division of Planning and Development, a joint City-County agency.

Completed 6.1.2

Hire an experienced urbanist with a record of proven success for Office of Sustainability.

Paul A. Young was appointed April 2011 as the former Administrator of the Sustainability Department within the Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development.  Mr. Young is currently the Director of the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community  Development. View Director Paul Young's bio here.

Completed 6.1.3

Create a public advisory commission to serve as an information conduit from neighborhoods and green organizations to the Office of Sustainability.

The Sustainable Advisory Committee held its first meeting 9-21-2011.

Initial Stage 6.1.4

Establish a center for sustainability “The Green Center” as the focus for all things sustainable in our community to house the Office of Sustainability, a business incubator, a venture fund for green businesses, a sustainability policy institute and office space for nonprofit green organizations.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.

Initial Stage 6.1.5

Create and maintain an online directory of local green businesses.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.