Great Neighborhoods for a Great Community
Capital Improvement Projects
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Initial Stage 2.3.1

CIPs’ should be reviewed for consistency with the adopted Comprehensive Plan and DPD should prepare a written Conformance Evaluation for each proposed CIP investment.

Since there is not an updated Comprehensive Plan in place, this strategy has not been addressed.

Completed 2.3.2

Provide a Sustainability Impact Statement for each proposed project in the CIP and for key pieces of legislation and policy decisions; the statement would be a key factor in the evaluation process.

On February 8, 2016, Shelby County Commission approved the inclusion of a Sustainability Impact Statement in the summary sheet for each capital improvement project submitted for approval.

Initial Stage 2.3.3

Urban art projects whose funding is guaranteed by CIP funding should be expanded to include Shelby County Government, Memphis City Schools, and Shelby County Schools in earmarking 1% of all CIP projects. Local Urban Art CIP programs should be amended to allow funding to be spent in alignment with an Urban Arts Plan so that funds are not limited to a site-specific project.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.