Leading by Example
Public Leadership: Purchasing
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Initial Stage 6.2.1

Revise current City and County purchasing policies to consider the total cost over the life of the goods, services, and equipment.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.

Initial Stage 6.2.2

Institute a “Green Purchasing Policy” that requires the purchase of environmentally preferable products within 10 percent of the lowest bid and submit to the public a detailed yearly purchasing report.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.

In Progress 6.2.3

Create a task force to study how county government can leverage its buying power by coordinating with other local municipalities.

The City and County purchase fuel at the same rate and the County also utilizes certain State contracts.  Source: Shelby Co Efficiency Review, p89.

Completed 6.2.4

Inventory all vehicles in the city and county fleets and create a plan for gradual replacement of the existing fleet with vehicles that are alternatively fueled and energy efficient.

This work was completed by Memphis Bioworks Foundation through a subplanning award from the Mid-South Regional Greenprint Plan.

Initial Stage 6.2.5

Develop a pilot program that allows a department to reserve a portion of the savings through energy and resource conservation for use within that department or division and prepare a “Responsible -Consumption Plan” that documents its specific efforts to save energy and reduce -Consumption.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.