Learning Green Lessons
Eco-Kids and Eco-Schools
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Initial Stage 5.2.1

Include the concepts of sustainability into the current curriculum like an “eat what you grow” program.

Not being pursued at this time.  The Shelby County Health Department is engaged in the work on healthy living and thus food deserts.  They support the Green Machine and farmers' markets.

Completed 5.2.2

Create a sustainability-focused “Clean Up, Fix Up, Green Up” program that includes a check list for school children to take home and to do as part of a larger countywide clean-up program.

Clean Memphis leads a program called Sustainable Schools Challenge which guides schools through a checklist of sustainable projects.  Read about the first year here.  

Completed 5.2.3

Design new school buildings to combine national best practices and LEED Certification to demonstrate the principles of green building and the importance of resource conservation.

When building new schools, the consolidated Shelby County School System uses many of the principles of green building in terms of lighting, occupancy sensors and mechanical equipment.

Completed 5.2.4

Perform periodic energy audits of existing buildings and conduct energy retrofits when necessary in the school systems.

The Energy Manager for the merged school system tracks energy use in all buildings and makes upgrades when feasible and when opportunities arise. Craigmont High School received a top award from EPA for their energy reductions. Read more about the award here.