Great Neighborhoods for a Great Community
Public Realm
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Initial Stage 2.5.1

The Comprehensive Plan and all neighborhood plans should contain standards and principals for creating a better -Public Realm.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.

Completed 2.5.2

Establish an in-house design studio for the creation of best practice planning documents in order to provide design support for plans created by Memphis and Shelby County Governments. The staff should partner with local educational institutions to provide design experience to students.

The Memphis Regional Design Center serves this purpose.

In Progress 2.5.3

Create a countywide Streetscape Master Plan to identify the street types and their corresponding streetscape elements which could include raised crosswalks, curb extensions, street trees, on-street parking, bicycle lanes, medians, and street furniture.

Street types and streetscape elements are included in MPO's Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, in addition a Complete Streets Design Guide is being created to address this topic.

Initial Stage 2.5.4

A Downtown Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District should be created immediately to provide the Center City Commission with a dedicated funding source needed to fully implement the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.

Not being pursued at this time, as this idea was rejected by the Memphis City Council several years ago.

Completed 2.5.5

The UDC should require all commercial property (including nonconformities) to install required landscaping improvements and achieve compliance with the existing sidewalk ordinance prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy Permit.

See section 4.6 of the Unified Development Code for Landscape & Screening requirements.  Nonconformities, however, are protected from any and all new regulations of a zoning code.