Great Neighborhoods for a Great Community
Community Redevelopment
Status Strategy Summary Comments
In Progress 2.4.1

DPD will work with HCD and their existing neighborhood-level commercial revitalization initiatives to support locally-owned small businesses to address financing needed for building upgrades and façade improvements, improving access to low interest loans and grant opportunities and providing business management counseling.


Completed 2.4.2

A proactive Environmental Team (E-team) should partner with neighborhoods to aggressively use the Tennessee Nuisance Law and the Neighborhood Preservation Act to address problem properties.

The E-Team, made up of various groups working in environmental remediation, meets on a periodic basis and works to use various strategies to combat blight and abandonment

Initial Stage 2.4.3

Amend ordinances to add a maintenance code that sets higher standards for privately and publicly-owned property including maintaining the original transparency of commercial building fronts and retaining appropriate front and rear external lighting regardless of occupancy.

This strategy has not been addressed to date.

Completed 2.4.4

Aggressively pursue large scale redevelopment opportunities using either the existing Shelby County Land Bank or a newly created joint Memphis-Shelby County Land Bank.

Shelby County Land Bank markets surplus city and county properties and now makes it easier for prospective buyers to select properties.  Learn more here.

Initial Stage 2.4.5

The Land Bank Office should prepare a study of revenue gained from the outright sale of tax delinquent properties vs. if the property is freely gifted to county government to sell for use in a redevelopment project and returned to the tax rolls with a higher assessed value due to its revitalization.

This strategy has not been pursued, as it has the potential for abuse.  This idea must be explored further.