Protecting and Improving Our Environment
Protecting Natural Resources
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Completed 3.2.1

Join ICLEI's Carbon Disclosure Project in an effort to openly acknowledge the county's carbon footprint.

Office of Sustainability joined ICLEI in 2011, and renewed membership in 2015 in order to use software and support for data analysis for the Compact of Mayors.

Completed 3.2.2

Encourage Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division (MLGW) to show customers the amount of carbon dioxide released through their use of resources.

By logging into My Account on MLGW's website and viewing the "live green/reduce your footprint" link in the upper right, you can see your carbon footprint based on your usage.

Completed 3.2.3

Perform an Environmental Quality Assessment to determine the baseline measurements and establish goals for the region.

The Office of Sustainability focused on the environmental assessment of City and County buildings, as the City and County have more control over carbon reductions in these facilities.  Moving forward the Office is looking at tracking additional indicators such as gasoline use, miles of bike lanes, and amount of alternative energy installed.

Completed 3.2.4

Help municipalities and organizations apply for all applicable Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) grants provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) works with member jurisdictions and agencies to prepare proposals for the TDOT statewide CMAQ program, and the MPO is the agency which actually submits the proposals to TDOT.

Completed 3.2.5

Initiate a public planning process to develop a Regional Water Resources Plan to protect watersheds, develop policies, and identify water quality problems.

The Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability's Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan furthers this goal.