Protecting and Improving Our Environment
Status Strategy Summary Comments
Completed 3.1.1

Provide free on-site home energy audits for residents of Shelby County with priority given to low and moderate income residents in conjunction with a -Public Awareness campaign coordinated by the Office of Sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability coordinated the Mayors' Energy Challenge to promote Public Awareness around various opportunities for residential and commenercial energy efficiency. 

Completed 3.1.2

Amend the City of Memphis code of ordinance to set minimum standards for energy efficiency for all rental property.

City of Memphis Ordinance 5292 was passed in 2009 to provide for minimum energy efficiency in rental property.  Renters can report low energy efficiency standards at 901-322-5757.  Read more about the program here and a story of its effectiveness here here

In Progress 3.1.3

Departments and divisions should be able to use grant funds to implement efficiency measures with savings being rolled back into the grant program.

Energy efficiency improvements are taking place in City and County facilities (Read the article on retrofits on page 2 of the Sustainability Newsletter).  There are complications with regard to rolling savings back to a particular division since most buildings are occupied by multiple divisions.  However, incentive structures are being explored.

Initial Stage 3.1.4

Create a new ordinance to require an energy audit, using a rating system such as the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, before new or existing homes are sold.

There is no requirement for an energy rating, however MLGW now has eScore, an optional program that ranks your house on a 1-10 scale on energy efficiency. Rebates are offered through this program as incentive for improvements.  Learn more here

Completed 3.1.5

Amend local demolition permits to require applicants to submit a recycling plan for proposed demolition of structures larger than 2,500 SF and require recycling of 25-50% of all demolition or construction waste for construction projects requiring a permit.

For buildings over 10,000 SF, applicants must recycle 25-50% of demolition or construction waste.