Memphis Walk and Roll Draft Plan Ready for Review Screenshot

The Memphis MPO has completed the Walk & Roll: Memphis Region Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan and it is now ready for review. The planning process has focused on updating the region’s plan for a safe and connected active transportation system. 

After months of analysis and community input, the draft Walk & Roll: Memphis Region Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan is now complete! Feel free to read the full plan, which contains program, policy, and infrastructure recommendations for bridging the gaps to create a safe regional active transportation system – including a list of 10 Catalyst Projects that have the potential to dramatically improve the experience of walking, biking, and accessing transit throughout Greater Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Add your comments from now through October 14th, you can access the draft Walk and Roll plan here. You can also read and respond to comments from other users. When you’re done, be sure to share the link with your network and invite others to review and comment, too.

We appreciate all your contributions during the Walk & Roll development process and eagerly look forward to your feedback on the draft plan.