Function & Authority

The Land Use Control Board (LUCB) has the responsibility of overseeing and guiding the orderly growth of the City of Memphis and Shelby County through zoning regulations.  You can view the zoning regulations by downloading the Unified Development Code.  You can also view the zoning district for a particular piece of property by linking to the Zoning Atlas.

All area and neighborhood plans, zoning map changes, zoning text changes, planned developments, special use permits and street closures are processed through the Land Use Control Board before being forwarded to the Memphis City Council (for areas within the City of Memphis) or the Shelby County Board of Commissioners (for areas in unincorporated Shelby County). The Board has final approval authority over special exceptions, subdivisions and major modifications to special use permits and planned developments unless appealed to the legislative bodies.


LUCB Board Documents

Click here to download the Land Use Control Board's Bylaws, which include its Rules of Procedure.  Many items reviewed by the Board are first reviewed by the Technical Review Committee, which has its own Rules of Procedure.



Members of the Memphis and Shelby County Land Use Control Board (LUCB) serve three year terms and are confirmed by the Memphis City Council and the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.  The LUCB consists of ten members.  

Five Members are appointed by the Mayor of Shelby County and confirmed by the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.

Five Members are appointed by the Mayor of Memphis and confirmed by the Memphis City Council.



  • Second Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM 
  • First Floor City Council Chambers (5th Floor City Council Executive Chambers during construction) 
  • 125 N. Main, Memphis, TN 38103
  • Staffed by Land Use and Development Services, Brett Ragsdale


Virtual Meetings

Meetings of the the Land Use Control Board can be viewed on the City of Memphis' website by clicking on the "Government" tab at the bottom of the homepage, then by clicking on the "Watch Meetings Online" tab located on the far right.  To view archived meetings, go to "Other Organizations" at the bottom of the page and then click the "Land Use Control Board" tab in the center of the page.  To view meetings live, go to "Upcoming Meetings."  You can also view Land Use Control Board meetings on the Division of Planning and Development's YouTube channel here.


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