Application Forms, Deadlines and Fees

This joint department of the City of Memphis and Shelby County processes and analyzes applications for zoning changes, subdivision of property and land development actions. The department serves as the staff to the following boards:


Land Use Control Board Applications

View applications to be filed with the Land Use Control Board (these include planned developments, special use permits, subdivisions, etc.).


Board of Adjustment Applications

View applications to be filed with the Board of Adjustment (these include variances and appeals).


Memphis Landmarks Commission

If a property owner within  a historic district seeks a building permit for exterior work, the owner must receive a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the Memphis Landmarks Commission (MLC).  To obtain the COA, the property owner must submit an application form with all required application materials and fees by the appropriate application deadline.   Click here for an application  for a Certificate of Appropriateness for exterior improvements to properties within the historic districts.


Administrative Applications

View applications to be filed administratively with the Division of Planning & Development (these include zoning letters, administrative deviations, overlay district submittals, etc.).


General Rules for Application Submittals

All applications to the Division of Planning and Development are found above.


Application Review Process

Click here to view a flowchart that explains the review process by application type, as well as the expected review time for each.


Public Hearings and Notifications

Click here to view the public hearing and notification requirements for the above applications (this is derived from Sub-Section 9.3.4A of the UDC). Meetings can be viewed on the Division of Planning and Development's YouTube channel here.


Sign Posting

Some of the applications above require a sign to be posted on the site, according to Section 9.3.4A of the UDC (look for the items with an "SP" indicated under the column entitled "Sign Posted"). Section 9.3.4C of the UDC explains the sign posting requirements, which also requires the applicant to fill out and sign an affidavit and take a photograph of the sign on the site. Download templates of the sign in a PowerPoint document.


Neighborhood Notification

A few of the applications below (some rezonings and all new planned developments, special use permits and major subdivisions) require a neighborhood meeting prior to the Land Use Control Board. Access instructions on the neighborhood meeting. The annual calendar of Land Use and Development Services deadlines that is available below on this page includes the monthly deadline by which applicants must submit their neighborhood meeting notices to DPD for mailing. The UDC requires that all neighborhood associations within 1500 feet of a subject site must receive notice of the neighborhood meeting. To achieve this, it is suggested that notification be given to all associations within the planning district of the subject site. In addition, DPD staff will send monthly notification of all applications filed with the office to neighborhood associations registered with the Office of Community Affairs and Nextdoor (see "Pending Applications" section above).


Application Assistance

Click here to view a list of firms and individuals who frequently provide assistance with the filing of applications with the Division of Planning and Development. If you would like your firm to be added to this list, please contact Brett Ragsdale.


Deadlines and Fees


2023 Application Deadlines

  • View the 2023 Application Deadlines.

Fee Schedule

  • View the approved Fee Schedule, which includes fees for all Land Use Control Board, Board of Adjustment and administrative items.  View the Fee Schedule for Certificate of Appropriateness COA applications to the Memphis Landmarks Commission.

Fee Refund Resolution


Neighborhood Associations

View an updated list of the neighborhood association inside the City of Memphis prepared by the City of Memphis Office of Community Affairs, sorted by planning district. This list contains some associations in unincorporated Shelby County. Access a list of the neighborhood associations in unincorporated Shelby County; some of which are not included in the list prepared by the Office of Community Affairs.


Planning Districts

This map contains the planning districts of Memphis and Shelby County and should assist in the determination of the district in which a subject site lies.