Planning and Reporting

The Shelby County Department of Housing (SCDH) prepares a five-year strategic plan examining the housing and community development needs of Shelby County residents living within low- to - moderate income areas outside the City of Memphis.  Based upon this examination, the SCDH is able to develop programs to address concerns and to help improve the quality of life for residents. 

This Five-Year Strategic Plan also serves as application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for receipt of funds from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) consolidated formula programs. In addition to the 5-year plan, SCDH prepares an Annual Action Plan for the Fiscal Year which describes the proposed activities using these federal resources.

Citizens are invited to review and submit comments on all SCDH plans and reports. Comments can be made to Dana Sjostrom 901-222-7601 or


Public Notices

  1. PRO Housing Grant Application Public Notice
  2. Shelby County PRO Housing Grant Application Draft


5-Year Strategic Plan

  1. Shelby County 5-Year Strategy for FY20-24 and PY19 Annual Plan
  2. Shelby County 5-Year Strategy for FY20-24 and PY19 Annual Plan (Spanish Version)


Annual Plan

  1. Shelby County Program Year 2020 Annual Plan [Proposed Amendment]
  2. Shelby County Program Year 2020 Annual Plan (Spanish Version) [Proposed Amendment]



  1. CAPER_PY22
  2. CAPER_PY22 (Spanish Version)
  3. CAPER_PY 2021
  4. CAPER_PY 2021 (Spanish Version)
  5. CAPER_PY 2020
  6. DRAFT_CAPER_PY2020 (Spanish Version)
  7. CAPER_PY 2019 
  8. CAPER_PY 2019 (Spanish Version)



  1. Shelby County Allocation Plan 2021 [Submitted for HUD approval June 2022]
  2. Shelby County Allocation Plan 2021 (Spanish Version) [Submitted for HUD approval June 2022]


​Citizen Participation Plan

  1. Citizen Participation Plan 
  2. Citizen Participation Plan (Spanish Version)


Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

  1. Memphis - Shelby County AI- March 2019


Joint Housing Policy Plan

  1. Memphis and Shelby County Joint Housing Policy Plan